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Top 10 Questions

1. How Much Does It Cost to Build a Home?
The answer to this question, unfortunately, is: “It depends on a lot of different variables.” We have built homes for as low as less than $100 per square foot and as high as $140. Regardless of the features of your home, Emerald Homes of Iowa, Inc will guarantee, in writing, the price of your home before you commit to building it.

2. Do You Have References?
Absolutely!! Emerald Homes of Iowa, Inc believes that the best predictor of future performance is past performance. We can give you names, home addresses, and phone numbers of our past customers. We are not perfect, but our goal is to have every customer be willing to build with us again in the future if the need should arise.

3. How Do I Finance a New Home?
Emerald Homes of Iowa, Inc can help with financing. We have lending institutions that will provide discounted closing costs to our customers. It is as simple as making a 15 minute phone call to get pre-approved. Once that is completed, you can have a solid piece of mind about how much you can or want to spend on your home. If you own your land outright or have a smaller amount owed on it, you can use that equity as your down payment. Equity is your current home can also be used as a down payment on your new home. Your lender will tell you more, but it is a great way to build with no cash out of your pocket.

4. Should I Sell My Current Home Before I Build A New Home or After?
This is a personal financial question. There are pluses and minus either way. This decision is unique to every person and should be handled as such. One of our Home Planning Coordinators can walk you through this discussion. You can also talk with your lender.

If you do decide to sell your home first, Emerald Homes of Iowa, Inc can begin the planning process for your new home before your old home sells. That way you will be ready to go as soon as your home sells. This can help reduce the time you will have to spend in an apartment or another location.

5. Can I Make Changes To The Floor Plans and How Much Does It Cost?
Yes you can make changes and the cost is: Nothing. We do not charge for making changes. We are an affordable custom home builder. You are free to modify the plans any way you wish. The modifications themselves may increase or decrease the cost of the home, but there is not a fee just to change something.

6. Can I Use My Own Plans or Do I Have to Use Yours?
You can bring in your plans. We have over 1700 floor plans to choose from, but it is very common that our customers make dramatic changes or bring in their own. Our Home Planning Coordinators will listen to what you want to do and draw up a preliminary floor for your review. After you make your changes, we will produce a preliminary set of blueprints and get into the more detailed selection process.

7. Where Do You Build?
Emerald Homes of Iowa, Inc builds homes in Dallas, Madison, Polk, Warren counties in Central Iowa. We build both residential and country acreage homes.

8. How Are Payments Handled?
Emerald Homes of Iowa breaks the payments into 6-7 payments. It is simply a “Pay As You Go” process. As the home is completed the customer makes draws from their loan to pay for the home.

If one of our preferred lenders is used, these payments can be handled over the phone or through e-mail. This eliminates the need for our customer to drive around picking up and delivering checks.

9. How Long Does It Take to Build A Home?
This is another “It depends Question”. Our average time frame to build a home is 18-20 weeks. This can vary depending on the size and complexity of the home. We can also get slowed down by Mother Nature. Once we reach the drywall stage, we will give you a specific move in date that will allow you time to make moving plans.

10. How Do I Find Land To Build On?
Many of our customers come to us before they have found land to build on. It is common for us to work with a customer, and sometimes their realtor, to find land. We have a licensed real estate agent on staff that has access to all properties listed in the area. We also are available to look at a property that our customers are considering buying. We can be a “second set of eyes” to confirm the customers decision. Sometimes we have also been able to point out some potential problems. Ultimately, it is our customer’s decision; we just try to be a good advisor.