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Emerald Homes of Iowa is redefining the way people buy homes.

We all know the world of building residential new construction has changed. It's a whole new ball game. We can't rely on old strategies and techniques anymore. Buyers are more savvy, more educated and know what to ask for. This is why Emerald Homes of Iowa has developed the...

Emerald Homes of Iowa - Idea Home

1706 SW State Street in Prairie Trail, Ankeny, Iowa

Wednesday to Sunday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Or anytime by appointment.

Floor Plans
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Finished Tour of the Idea Home

Idea Home Framing Video

Idea Home Insulation Video

Idea Home Heating and Cooling

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Phase I
Phase I
Phase 2
Phase II
Floors and Walls
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Roof Trusses
Inside FinishInside

Outside Finish
  Idea Home Photo Tour
Idea Home
Finished Tour


This is not just a decorated model home that includes carpet, tile and kitchen cabinet sample boards. We've taken the IDEA of an IDEA HOME to a whole new level..

Quality Design:
We've done the research on most popular plans for actual "livability" and we've found a plan that appeals to the general buyer, but yet, is customizable for the unique buyer. We also aren't selling a "spec" home, this is an IDEA home. It's mission is to get the ideas of buyer set in motion. We are NOT selling cookie cutter homes!

Quality Décor:
The house is decorated tastefully to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Too many builders make the mistake of going with a wild, contemporary palette that often scares a buyer into looking any further.

Glass Covered Wall Cut-Outs:
Why shouldn't a buyer see what's behind the wall? Especially when we are selling high performance, common-sense green homes. You can actually SEE the way we framed this home.

State-of-the-Art Technology:
From high tech kitchens to high performance technology, this idea home can help potential buyers visualize what they may have only dreamed of.

Media Room:
See the new technologies in home theater and internet.

Design Center:
Design center displaying the exciting color and finish options available to a buyer. We are making the IDEA home a one-stop-shop for buyers planning their custom home.

Location, Location, Location:
This isn't a spec home, or a model, it's an IDEA "store," a store that sells a lifestyle. We feel we found a perfect residential community that includes a busy, growing commercial district where we can place the IDEA home. The high profile community of Prairie Trial in Ankeny is the perfect place for you to stop and shop. You can learn more at

1706 SW State Street in Prairie Trail, Ankeny, Iowa

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